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Pets and Livestock

Pets and Livestock

Lambs Arriving

April 27, 2017

The games have begun. Our new crop of Lambs are arriving. The first baby showed up several days ago. He has a very sweet face so I named him “Sweetie”. Bob thinks that is a terrible name for a Ram lamb. However, I like it and it suits him. One of our Mama sheep looks like she may have triplets or even quads. She is as wide as she is tall. The multiple births are common to the Polypay sheep. There is usually not a problem. Sometimes, I have to bottle feed several of the smaller lambs. There are baby bottles and a huge sack of Lamb Milk Re-placer sitting in the corner of the kitchen. It is ready if needed.

Several years ago, we had a tiny lambs whose Mom did not want her. It was cold in the barn so Bob arrived in the kitchen carrying the wet baby. I ran for the heating pad and old towels. We put her in an old dog kennel and kept her inside for several weeks. I bottle fed her, held her on my lap, and named her “Buttercup”. Here’s the story of “Buttercup” on our sheep page at Milk and Honey Farm Farm. I wrote her story for Country Living magazine. She had fans from all over the country.

I am on “lamb watch” today. I check the barn every few hours. There is a gentle rain coming down and the air smells of spring. I will name the next baby “Rain”.

Pets and Livestock

My “Vet Kit”

April 14, 2017
Sheep Med Kit

We could start our lambing season any day now.  The barn area has been made into “jugs” . This is where we will put each Ewe and her new lambs. Each “jug” has fresh straw on the floor, new hay in the feeders, and a nice big bucket of water.

Today, I am getting my “Vet Kit” ready.  It contains all the items I will need for a successful birthing.  We have been shepherds for over twenty years and have learned how to do stuff.  It really helps if we get everything ready ahead of time.  Having several of the Mama Ewes giving birth at the same time can get crazy if we are not prepared.

My “Vet Kit” contains everything that I will need.  There is Sheep Drench, Iodine, Peroxide, Blu Kote, Mineral Oil, Dawn dish water soap, surgical gloves, scissors,  thermometer,  empty Jar, stomach tube, old towels and plastic bags. It makes for a peaceful birthing if I do not forget anything.

We raise Polypay sheep. They usually have twins or triplets. Most of the time, the Ewes do it all by themselves. Sometimes, I need to help. I pray and I do what is necessary. There is something very special about sitting on a pile of straw and holding a new born lamb.


Pets and Livestock


April 12, 2017

Dallas is my friend, companion, and guardian.  He loves me, Bentley, and the cat. He likes Bob too.  All the other Pyrs live out side with the live stock. They patrol day and night.  Dallas is my “House Pyr”. He has great manners and has never made a mess. We have taken him to basic obedience classes and it is paying off.  He goes on walks with me and stays close to my side. He does not pull on the lead.  We can walk on the road or go to the Country park. I am thinking about taking him to the local nursing home. He is just the right size to put his big head in someones lap who is confined to a wheel chair.  I think the folks would enjoy him.


Pets and Livestock

Sheep Shots, Toenails, and Worms

April 3, 2017

Today, Bob is giving the sheep their shots, worming them, and cutting their toe nails. These are prevention procedures. It is easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it. Sheep are no exception to this.

Our teen age helper is assisting  with all of this. The hard part is turning the sheep upside down to cut their toenails. It take two people to “flip” them. I do not do this, ever.


Pets and Livestock

The Song of Spring in the Country

April 2, 2017

The cheeping of baby chicks is the song of Spring.  We picked up our baby chicks and ducklings at the post office. They were shipped from Cackle Hatchery. Now, they are next to the wood stove in the basement. There is a heat lamp hanging over their box. There is fresh water and feed and clean papers for them to poop on.

Now, I can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch them settle in.  It is warm and cozy and I love their song of Spring time. It is the beginning of our new season. I will keep them in the basement until they get too stinky. When that happens, they will be banished to the barn.

The chicks look bedraggled  because the ducks splash around in the water dish. The chicks get a few drops of water on their feathers and food sticks to them. No worries. They are fine and keeping warm under the heat lamp. They just look a little rumpled.

Everyone will have their own spot in the barn. The chicks will go into the Brooder house that Bob built. They will stay there until they grow some wing feathers. The ducks will go into what was the “goose house” They will have a big, plastic baby pool to play in. Our geese were moved to the big barn and are enjoying the attached outside run.  They are laying eggs.

Meanwhile, just for right now, I will drink my coffee and enjoy the song of Spring performed by my baby chicks. It is a beautiful thing!

Pets and Livestock

Wool Comforters

April 1, 2017

Our sheep are born here at Milk and Honey Farm. They grow up here, protected by our Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. Once a year, in the spring, a sheep shearer comes to our farm. Bob helps him and I take pictures of them shearing the sheep.  This year we took the wool to St. Peters woolen mill in St. Peter, Minnesota. It will be cleaned, and carded, and become wonderful warm comforters.

We have queen size wool comforters available for sale.  Contact me for our wool comforter information.


Pets and Livestock

Poultry Project Update

March 26, 2017

The chicks have been living with baby ducks in the box in the basement. They get along all right but the ducks splash around in the water dish and the chicks get wet. Both chicks and duck babies are messy and scatter their dry feed all over their box. The dry feed sticks to the chicks wet feathers. They are a mess.

Bob solved the issue today by fixing up separate areas for the babies. The ducklings are in the brooder in the barn. The chicks have a new clean and dry box in the basement. I hope this works and the feathers dry and fluff out. Maybe I will have to brush them.

Bob brought home a plastic baby pool. It’s a gift for the geese.  He filled it with water this afternoon. The geese are having a blast splashing around in their private pool. They flap their wings and get everything very wet. They are happy geese.

Depending on what type of poultry involved, water is fun to play in. The ducks and geese love it. The chicks not so much. There is an old saying ‘ There is nothing madder than a wet hen”. I believe it.

Our poultry project will turn into free range, organic eggs for sale. We will have baby geese (goslings) available to sell in May. The Mama geese are laying eggs now. (March) For information use the “Contact Us” page and I can give you all the details about the Poultry Project’


Pets and Livestock

The Cat Came Back

March 25, 2017

The cat came back this morning. He had been gone for over three weeks. I was thinking that he had lost in a fight with a huge coyote. He is  thin and rumpled. I was really glad to see him. He is a good cat and does all cat things well.

I fed him an egg on top of some cat food, petted his head, and told him to stay Home.  I talk to my animals and this conversation with my cat went something like this.

“You need to stop this roaming around. You have a good home. The barn has several resident female cats for you to play with. You have a safe place to sleep on the side porch. You are loved and appreciated right here. You have a fulfilling job. It is an important job for a cat.  Killing mice and rats and rabbits is vital to the well being of the farm. It is your job and your are good at it. I remember the time when you killed three rabbits in the main garden. I know this because you brought them to the porch and put them in your food dish. I understand that there are cat temptations out there. They may be interesting for a while. In the end, they will leave you mauled, maimed, and hungry. I will take good care of you, but I will not chase after you on one of your expeditions for excitement. If you are gone too long, I will give up on you and get a new cat. You will be replaced, in my heart and in my home. So I hope you will get the big picture and stay home while you have the chance.”

He is still here and meowing for more attention. I hope he listened and got the point.  When considering my conversation with him, it seems to me that this message is not just for my cat. It has a deeper meaning for husbands who may be considering an adventure away from home. Maybe it is for the rebellious teenager who is thinking about running away.

Observation: Much is learned from my animals and my garden.  In the Bible, in the book of Job 12:7,8,9,10, it says that the animals will teach you and the earth will instruct you.  Today, from my adventuring cat, I saw this principle at work.

Hallelujah! The Cat Came Back!



Pets and Livestock

Good Dogs Good Dogs Good Dogs!

March 25, 2017

Not to be outdone by last weeks kill by our front yard Great Pyrenees guardians, Two of our sheep and barn guards took care of business by dispatching a huge racoon.  They kept it out of the barn and far away from my poultry and stored grain . Good Dogs!  

The racoon was carefully placed in an empty sack that had once contained dog food. It was buried in the dumpster.  I am thinking that the racoon was moving around looking for food and made a mistake this morning. A huge mistake.

We do not have any issues with raccoons or coyotes or other forms of predators that roam around. No worries at all. Our big dogs are on patrol.