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Boomers and Beyond.Life — A New Season

April 2, 2017

“To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven,”— is from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.  The season of Spring will announce itself  soon. There are indications everywhere.  One of my female geese has built herself a nest and is laying eggs. She will become the official “Mother Goose” of Milk and Honey Farm. The Gander is strutting around like he had something to do with it.  I like geese. They make good parents, with  the males and females both caring for the babies. I like goose eggs too. They are three times the size of a chicken egg and make great omelettes!

Another indicator of  Spring approaching is the box of baby chicks and ducklings from Cackle Hatchery, arriving  at the local post office in the morning.  I will drive over and bring them home, with the heater in the Van running at full blast.   It is important to keep all varieties of babies nice and warm. Their forever home is ready with  containers for water and feed and a heat lamp hanging over their box.  The box is by the wood stove in the basement. I could put them in the barn in the brooder. However, I like to watch the babies and make sure everyone is okay.  When they get too stinky for the house, they will be banished to the barn.

There seems to be so much ugliness in the world right now. In protest, I will write about the beautiful things, no matter how simple and ordinary.  Today, it is my geese and tomorrow it will be the chicks and ducklings.  Soon, the greenhouse, the garden, baby lambs, and bee hives will be my focus.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11 it is written, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”





Let the Games Begin

March 25, 2017

Spring means Spring cleaning. It is something that I do not rush into. It takes a while to get me started.  Items are stuffed into the back of closets . Outside things are stacked up in the green house. The air conditioners are in the storage room as well as the porch pillows. The Pantry is crowded and disorganized and the kitchen cupboards need rearranging and cleaning out.

It has been three months since I fell and fractured a vertebra in my back. It is healing thanks to a lot of prayers and the fact that I am taking it easy.  Healing takes time.  It also helps to be sensible with activates. I rest between projects, do not lift heavy things, and never climb up on a ladder.

My plans for Spring Cleaning are “Slow and Steady as She Goes”. This morning, I attacked the refrigerator.  It received a serious cleaning out and scrubbing. Our chickens will be happy for bits and pieces of unearthed food stuffs and the slimy green things. In addition, they will get the unrecognizable foods called leftovers.  This afternoon, I will take a nap and rest.  The kitchen cupboards are next.  Maybe I will do them today and maybe not. Tomorrow would work just as well. It is suppose to rain.



More Spring Things At Milk and Honey Farm

March 20, 2017

Everywhere I look, I seen the beginning of Spring. Tiny green garlic shoots are pushing thru the straw mulch. The mulch has kept them warm all winter, but now they want out. The straw will be removed soon and added to the compost pile at the back of the main garden.

A grisly sign of Spring is the dead racoon in the front yard.  The raccoons are moving around looking for things to eat. I do not raise my chickens and ducks for the raccoons.   They are protected by the Great Pyrenees dog guardians who patrol the farm. Last night, they took care of business. Good dogs! Bob will bury the dead racoon in the dumpster.

There is a new copy of American Bee Journal sitting on the table next to Bob’s chair. He is busy now, building more hives for our bees. That project gave him a good excuse to buy another saw!  We will set up the hives in April, right about the time the dandelions get ready to bloom.  Bees love dandelions.  We love dandelions too. I make dandelion fritters.  It is easy and they are yummy.  I cut off the yellow heads and roll them in a basic fritter batter. They are fried in coconut oil and served with maple syrup.  This is one of our favorite Spring treats!

There are still remaining patches on snow on the ground. The wind is brisk and brings a chill, but Spring is coming if you know where to look.